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Ballet Course

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Ballet Course Ballet
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Ballet For Beginner to Advance Class

KDA ballet lessons adopt the course outline from world renowned Royal Academy of Dance. The Royal Academy of Dance is a dominant international dance institute which specializes in fostering dance instructors and assessing students’ ballet standards. Currently it houses the world’s most extensive and prominent ballet team. Its course outline is being used in over 60 countries around the globe, providing standard ballet teaching materials and grade assessments for over 200 thousand students worldwide annually. Tens of thousands of students partake in the internationally recognized examination, allowing the youths of our country to partake and earn a certificate as well without having to leave the country.

Baby Ballet

An entry-level course tailored specifically for 3-5 years old children who are new to ballet and children who have zero foundation.
Children like to dance. We support them to develop their natural dance cells and help them maintain their enthusiasm for dance. In class, the teacher follows the children’s comprehensible story lines, guides them to understand various parts of the body, and teaches them how to control and make movements. And children will have a lot of confidence after they learn the tips of dancing their bodies step by step, which not only inspires them to show more creativity and potential, but also encourages them to integrate into the fairy tale situation in the classroom.

Course setting: 4 lessons, one month
Admission age: 4-6 years old
Class time: 1 (once a week)
 Pre-primary – Primary

Aiming at the age characteristics of children from 4 and a half to 6 and a half years old, we focus on cultivating children’s interest in ballet, and cultivate children’s creativity and imagination through rich curriculum content, cognition and coordination of their own limbs, and music Sense of rhythm. Preparing to participate in the Royal Ballet Examination.

Course setting: 8 lessons, one month
Admission age: 4-6 years old
Class time: 1 (twice a week)
Children's Ballet Examination Class (Grade 1- Grade 8)
This course is aimed at students who already have a foundation, and the content of the course will be increased with the level.
In the first-level course, learn while playing. In this stage, the teacher will make more detailed adjustments, and strengthen the sense of rhythm and musical guidance. In addition, the teacher will continue to use stories to bring in various dance dynamics, allowing children to perform more complex dance exercises with their peers.
-Take the exam course and take the Royal Ballet exam
-Purposeful and targeted training
-Test content corresponding to each level, and participate in the test, cultivate children's expressiveness in dance, start dance drama classes, choreograph dances, and participate in various large-scale performances

Course setting: 8 lessons, one month
Admission age: 7-18 years old
Class time: 1-2.5 hours (twice a week)

Professional Ballet Test Class (Pre-Intermediate to Advance 2)
Wearing pointe shoes to dance ballet is every student's dream.
Students in this course have reached level 5 or above, which is a professional course for Royal Ballet. Begin to incorporate basic pointe shoe dance steps, and increase the content of the course as the level corresponds.
-Study the exam course and take the Royal Ballet exam
-Purposeful and targeted training
-The content of the examinations corresponding to each level and participate in the examinations are the professional courses of British Royal Ballet
-Choreographed dances and participated in various large-scale performances
Course setting: 8-12 lessons, one month
Enrollment age: 11 or more female
Class time: 1-2.5 hours (twice a week)

Adult Ballet (Adult Ballet)

Ballet is not only a sport, but also a fusion of culture and art. It is a perfect all-round training, which not only exercises the dance performance and the ability to control the body. In the comprehensive physical and mental exercises accompanied by classical piano music, adult ballet dancers can achieve the effect of shaping, stretching and strengthening the muscles through basic ballet movement skills training. The course is suitable for dancers of different levels. Whether you have a dance background or not, or have never been exposed to dance, you can find a suitable course level to feel the charm of ballet.

Course setting: 4 lessons, one month
Enrollment age: 15 and above female
Class time: 1 hour (once a week)

Ballet Repertoire Performance Class
This course is a special course designed by students who already have a foundation
-Comprehensively cultivate children's artistic literacy
-Discover potential students
-Rehearse different styles of solo ballet based on the characteristics of students
-Enrich students' dance knowledge and cultivate children's artistic literacy in an all-round way
-Participate in domestic and foreign competitions
Course setting: 8-12 lessons, one month
Enrollment age: 7 and above
Class time: 2-2.5 hours

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