Kinetic Dance Academy
2A-1, Jalan Damai Perdana 1/9A,
Bandar Damai Perdana,
56000 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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+603-9107 9255
Kg Pandan Branch
Komplek Belia Dan Sukan
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
4029, Jalan Kampung
Pandan, 3rd Floor,
Dewan Sukan B,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Balakong Badminton Sports Centre
154, Jalan Besar
Kampung Baru Balakong,
43000 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor, Malaysia.


Kinetic Signing Ceremony & Award Ceremony

Dance, in the field of culture and art education, is an important subject, not only for children's graceful posture or learning attitude, but also has inner temperament and beautiful cultivation. From this, we train children to be dignified and physical, have a positive spirit, optimistic and confident character, positive thinking and attitude, and for the future society, the new generation of children can develop their talents and move towards another artistic realm, and at the same time. Practicing morality. Kinetic Dance Academy and CCTV Media Group. This time, the two parties reached an agreement to sign [Malaysian Training and Exchange Training Base] to work together and share resources; promote the healthy development of international culture, fully support the promotion of world culture and art, and cultivate children's cultural health, create more international brand activities, lead the way Teenagers build a new worldview! . The cooperation between the college and the group is called "school-enterprise cooperation". The school-enterprise cooperation is a new situation, synchronized with the development of the enterprise, and a strategic measure to achieve a win-win situation. It is a long-term complementary and shared plan. In the past 27 years, the college has trained tens of thousands of talents and made great contributions to social development. There are currently 10,000 orphans in Malaysia, and the academy will provide a platform for children in the orphanage to have the opportunity to dance, learn together and realize their dreams. In addition to giving them an extra talent and skill, they can also be used by society in the future. #KineticDanceAcademy #let you dance a wonderful life

Welcome to Kinetic

Begin of Kinetic

[Here We Are]Our online performance process

Why are we doing this show? There are two main reasons why I do this show this time. 1) There is an opportunity for the students to perform. Don't stop the students' stage dreams because of the epidemic. This time we have presented the students' works in a different way. At the same time, in the preparation of this performance, the importance of protection is constantly instilled in the students. 2) At present, it has been gradually relaxed, but it does not mean that protection can be relaxed. Now it is a critical period, and everyone should be more self-aware to protect themselves. This is the purpose of protection that we want to promote. During the anti-epidemic period, everyone is responsible, Did you encounter any difficulties? Apart from choreographing our dances online, it wasn't a big problem because we had a group of parents who challenged with us! They will be our teaching assistants to instruct their children how to do better movements, and parents are very patient to solve the problems when the electronic products cannot be linked. Get ready just for this show When the place is not big enough, they will take the initiative to move away from the sofa or dining table at home, hoping that their children will perform better! Unexpected things! 1) We have a total of 212 performers, in other words we have a total of 212 photographers, 2) When the video is shot and sent, it is also a big problem. Because the file is too large, it cannot be emailed directly. It may use a third-party software to download and send it to us. 3) The videos we edited are not only 212 videos, but more than 2000-3000 videos, because each student will prepare 2-3 shots of the required shots, 4) We will all be screened and edited into a dance video. 5) The most troublesome thing for me is the issue of music copyright. What I can do here is to buy and apply for copyright, and try to keep the efforts of students, teachers and parents for this online performance. I hope the entire film can be preserved in its entirety. In fact, we spent 3 months preparing for the whole shooting process. During this period, we are very grateful to the teachers and parents for their assistance to complete this online production.

¡¾Here We Are¡¿Online Dance Performance Part 2

The pandemic is not obstructing our students' passion to perform on stage. This time our students will present their works from a different perspective.

¡¾Here We Are¡¿Online Dance Performance Part 1

The pandemic is not obstructing our students' passion to perform on stage. This time our students will present their works from a different perspective.

What is Rhythmic Gymnastics & How we Conduct the Class?

Rhythmic gymnastics is governed by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), At the international level, rhythmic gymnastics is a women sport only, and recently men has began to participate in the sport. Japan and other countries have applied Men Rhythmic Gymnastics in to International Sport Event but it has not been approved. Rhythmic gymnastics mainly five apparatus includes: rope, hoop, ball, club and ribbon. Freehand is only used in local competitions, or usually for the beginner levels. This sport combines a variety of performance includes: gymnastics, acrobatics, ballet or the essence of any style of dance. The physical difficulty performed are: jumping, balancing, rotation, risks is a high throw of the apparatus during the physical rotation then catch the apparatus, dance step combinations and apparatus difficulties There are two categories in Rhythmic Gymnastic • Individual • Group Exercise How do we conduct the class? • We start with warm-up. Warm up is very important as it can help a gymnast to achieve better result and prevent themselves from possible injuries. Coaches usually will choreograph the warm up with music so that the training can be more interesting and effective. • Moving on, we will continue with line work whereby gymnasts will be positioned row by row because it allows coaches to observe students easily. • While doing line work, it can also allow gymnasts to work on their acrobatic moves and linking movements. • In addition, line work also consists other benefits to gymnasts such as teaming up with the partner in doing balances, jumps/leaps and rotations. This allows gymnasts to work in synchronization with the partner while excelling in their moves. As mentioned above we have a total of 5 different apparatus which means apparatus training will be carried out during training to train gymnasts¡¯ hand-eye coordination. With consistent and frequent training with the apparatus will help gymnasts to build confident in competitions.

My Dream

# to accomplish great things, in addition to dream In addition to passing on the knowledge of dance, the dance teacher more hope the students can find them dream of there. Dream...... Can be a dance teacher and contribute to education Be a dancer enjoys the stage and who enjoys below the stage spotlight performance Or an athlete present of the country£¬win glory for the country Fight for your dreams Let you Dance Your way to wonderful life

Kinetic Dance Academy Our Team

Kinetic Dance Academy has a group of highly qualified, energetic and experienced professional instructors. We care about you, we continue to innovate and develop. Thanks for being with you all the way With you, our journey forward will have endless confidence and strength; with you, our Kinetic Dance Academy can continue to innovate and develop. Let us realize the dream together for you and never give up. We are the best team at Kinetic Dance Academy.

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Small training tips

Play game, can training out a good point foot?

Kinetic Open Day

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Kinetic Greatest Show Highlight Video

Kinetic Greatest Show

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